Wednesday, October 4, 2006

A Must Have!

A very comprehensive book covering all that Muslim Parents & Educators need to know about raising a Muslim Child.

You may purchase book here or at a Muslim Bookstore near you. It is also available in different languages. For those in Singapore, if you cannot find it at the bookstore, email me at

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Raising a muslim child did not start when the baby is born!

Read this excerpt from page 116 :-
One day a man came to Umar Ibn AlKhattab to complain of disobedient son. So Umar had brought the boy to him and he blamed him for his disobedience. Then the boy addressed Umar by saying "O Commander of the faithful : Are there no rights for boy against his father?". Umar said "yes". Then the boy said "What are these rights O Commander of the Faithful?" Umar said, "To choose a good mother for him, to select good name to him and to teach him the Quran" Then the boy said :"O Commander of the faithful; my father has not accomplished any of these rights. As for my mother, she was a black slave for a Magian; As for my name, he has named me jual - A beetle; and he has not taught me even one letter from the Quran". Then Umar turned round to the man and said "you came to me complaining disobedience on the part of your son, whereas you have not given him his rights. So you have made mistakes against him before he has made mistakes against you". Read More...

Tuesday, October 3, 2006


My apologies to all readers of the blog for my absence and thus, have not updated anything here for a long time. I've recently become a mother of 2, and time is something that I'm trying to fight for :) For those who have emailed, and previously messaged, I thank you for your kind reminders and pray for your continual support.

To help this blog running and interactive, I would like to encourage readers to participate by emailing me good references, links, stories on Islamic Parenting, and I will put it up here for you to share with others who will inshaallah, benefit from it.

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May Allah help us bring up good children!

Oumu Salma