Friday, December 14, 2007

So, I've been wondering for some time how to make this a more interesting and readable blog, but I haven't really put forth much effort. I have read some fascinating blogs in the past few years and I think those bloggers must devote a lot of time to them. Time is a luxury that I sort of have. I can't say that I don't. In this day and age, we all devote portions of time to so many things that we spread ourselves thin and appear to be busier than we really are. For example, I have posted maybe ten times on this blog. Whooptido. Ten times is probably what I should have done in the first month. It's not like I'm not on the internet. Before school and after school I find the time to sneak on. I am regularly seen on as well as a couple of other sites, so it's not that I don't have the time. I was very hesitant about setting up a blog because you have to give the public a bit of your self. I am pretty private - a. I'm a niqabi so few people know how I look in the first place. b. I am active online more so than in real life; I have three small children so they take up quite a bit of my day (and night). c. I don't really feel like taking the time to weed out the garbage one is bound to get on a blog in the comments (not that I have any readers, lol). So, chalk it up to shyness, busyness and a bit of laziness too.
Anyway. My daughter is doing surprisingly and exceptionally well. Her uncle is five and he's in public kindergarten. He's up to "E" in the alphabet and I'm pretty sure he can't spell his name yet. It's December and we have just about finished the curriculum. She's reading first and second grade books (and everything around the house: cans, bottles, boxes, etc.). I am quite proud of her success and pray that InshaALLAH she keeps at it. I myself feel burnt out from time to time because it takes lots of patience to sit back and watch a child learn. You start itching to "help". That's part of the whole fast-paced society thing, I guess. It's training for the adult to learn how to sit still and let things happen as they may.
It looks like Eid-ul-Adha is going to be on Wednesday, InshaALLAH so I have to prepare for that. We will be adding balloons and such like last Eid so the kids should really get a kick out of that. I think they will be getting some puzzles and books mostly - especially something from the Melissa and Doug collection. Their stuff is expensive but it rocks. We got their abacus for the kids and it is quite handy abacus. Read More...