Saturday, October 9, 2010

Raising Muslim Children

Children are gifts from Allah to every parent and can be considered as a pearl that is given to someone to be guarded and taken after. Hence, the person must take good care of it so that its originality conserved as when the pearl is given to him/ her. Children can also be considered as property that can be use as capital for a business, hence the property must be use wisely so that it can multiply and bring profits.

Children must be raise or taken care by the way of Allah. We must always seek guidance so that we don't make mistakes and we must also threat our children properly, with softness and not just according to our will. Most Muslim today take less effort in seeking guidance and knowledge as we think or assume that we know how to raise our babies, but actually the only knowledge we know about raising baby is just from the experience how we were raised by our parents. Most of us would just take the methods used by our parents that we agree and probably change some of it that we assume will become better. Most of us think that we know how to threat our children and don't want others to interfere. This kind of thinking is what makes Muslim children grows to someone that we are unsure of as the methods that we are using is not recognize and are only based on our assumption. There are many guides that we can follow which can be found in the Quran, books, and many other sources.

From the beginning, we should teach our child about Allah and that we are only slaves to Allah. Plan our child development by preparing what he or she would learn during their age. Get them used to good deeds from early age and always give them guidance in their activity.

Also take note that one of the best learning method is to teach by example. We as parents should first have good behaviors ourselves in order to shape our children's behavior as children can easily follow habits that are practice by parents. Make sure that we don't show bad examples such as smoking in front of them, driving wildly, throwing rubbish and etc.

For proper growth, enrich our children's spiritual, mental and physical aspects. These three factors must be balance and they should never be focused on only one of the factors because the imbalance can jeopardize another factor among the three. If education is only focused on mentality for example, the child will grow up not knowing Allah or weak in terms of physical.

Our children is our responsibility, we are the ones that should care most for them and not their teachers, nanny or grandparents. Caring isn't just being nice or pampering the baby but we must also know what to do, what is good for them and what isn't. Assuming is valid but it is seldom true, look for methods that have facts and don't just ask your feeling for 'what you want to do'.


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