Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why an Islamic Shop is Ideal For Buying Educational Toys

Being a Muslim parent, I realize the importance of the selection of products for your child. From the very beginning, it is vital to purchase products that are suitable for a Muslim, as early childhood development has an impact on the personality of your child. Toys are an important part of your child's growth and development, in particular for teaching and stimulating the child's cognitive and linguistic skills. An Islamic shop can cater to the needs of your child's growth and development as there are numerous toys available which aid the parents and other care givers in providing the child the proper reinforcement which helps in developing his skills to their optimum level.

Today as the awareness is increasing in parents about the positive results of these toys and tools, there are more toy makers which are coming up with creative and innovative educational toys for children. In particular these trends can be seen in religiously active sectors of the society which want to coach and groom their child according to the teachings of their religion. An Islamic shop is the best place to find educational toys that not only entertain but also help your child learn about the basics of the religion from very early childhood.

Teaching your child can be turned into a fun and interactive experience by a series of DVD's titled "Adam's World", which features a small Muslim puppet going through the day to day routines of life and learning about the fundamentals of Islam. This series of movies can be attained from your local Islamic shop. Other such movies are also available that can teach your child about the different aspects of Islam in a fun narrative and interactive way.

For older children, there are slightly more complex educational toys available at your local Islamic shop. These include Islamic computers, which teach the children how to read and recite the Quran with proper Arabic accent and also have various other teaching software's that teach and quiz your child about the teachings of Islam. There are also certain Hadith games available which allow the children to play together with friends and take challenges. The wooden puzzles that teach Arabic alphabets and small Arabic words to young children are also very popular amongst the Muslim parents and can be easily purchased at any Islamic shop.

So then why go to a regular toy shop when the best educational toys are available at an Islamic shop!

Sohail Khan works for Islamic Impressions, which started as a traditional Islamic shop specialising in retail and wholesale products for the Islamic market, now with branches in London, Birmingham, Denmark and Trinidad.


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